What's Boobert's Story

Boobert is a friendly holiday loving ghost. Only, Boobert's only Holiday so far was Halloween! Now it's time to see what Christmas is all about. Halloween was just the start. We have to show this goofy Boobert what Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and all the other holidays are about. So strap in, we’re going on a Holiday Tour!

When is the Christmas Drop?

December 17th – 5PM UTC 10,000 Christmas Booberts will be up for grabs until New Years! Price will be 30 ADA You will be able to purchase up to 10 per transaction

How do I buy?

On December 17th – 5PM UTC we will start the sale. You’ll be able to send 30 ADA to the displayed address and receive your Christmas Boobert NFT. You will be able to buy up to 10 at a time. Any incorrect, over/under payments will be returned, minus fees. Price will be 30 ADA

December 17th – 4PM UTC
One hour before the drop, anyone with a wallet holding a Boobert's First Halloween NFT will be able to get a Christmas NFT early, for only 20 ADA

Which wallets should I use?

If you send ADA from an exchange, you will lose your ADA and will not receive an NFT! Make sure you’re using on these supported wallets: Daedulus – Desktop Nami – Browser Yoroi – Browser / Mobile Adalite – Hardware Links to each can be found in the navbar above under "Cardano Wallets"